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The official website for the NINTH-ANNUAL:
Saratoga's All-American Celebration

July 3rd & 4th, 2016

Downtown Saratoga Springs, New York

Top-10 Small-town July 4th
Celebrations in America

If you are looking for the Saratoga, CA Independence Day Celebration, please visit www.SaratogaJuly4.com


PRINT 2015 Program, Map & Ballot

Two-Sided (Duplex)

Save a tree and use only
ONE piece of paper:


TWO pieces of paper:

Two-Sided PDF

This file is designed to be printed on BOTH SIDES.  If your printer is not two-sided capable (called "duplex") then you can print page one, reinsert it upside-down into your printer, then print page two on the back of it.  

You may have to use trial-and-error to figure out which way to reinsert the page into your printer.  The idea is to have the Schedule and Map back-to-back so you can tear off the Ballot and still keep the Schedule and Map in your pocket.

Two-Page PDF

If you'd prefer to have two pieces of paper (with blank back sides), then use this file.  The Schedule and Map will be on one page, and the Ballot will be on the second page.  You can turn in the Ballot and still keep the Schedule and Map.


NOTE: the Map prints best in HIGH print quality

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